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Self Assessment Essay 1000 Words and Presentation Pitch 2

Here is the Second Presentation Pitch Video


Self Assessment Essay (Includes SWOT analysis)


2 Minute Pitch

The strengths of my presentation were more positive than expected. I was able to maintain my idea after the presentation as the fellow students seemed to have approved my idea to be a suitable one. They provided several questions that I was able to answer concisely without any problems. They also provided me with some suggestions and improvements to the business plan which proved to be very helpful and allowed me to boost my confidence for the next 5 minute presentation/pitch.

When conducting my first 2 minute presentation, I was very nervous and sometimes nerves are fairly difficult to control especially when trying to explain a rough draft of a business plan to the entire group. The first main weakness that I spotted whilst reviewing my recorded presentation was that I was speaking too quickly. Rushing the speech may have hindered my abilities which caused stuttering towards the end along with adding the nervousness causing me to interrupt the presentation to ask to read it again. With this it would have affected the timing of my presentation as 2 minutes is very short and reading from the piece of paper again at a slower pace wouldn’t have been possible. Which brings to the point of reading from a piece of paper, this actually added pressure and affected my body language as I was unable to engage with the audience. My body language became very defensive towards the end of the presentation because of the mistakes made whilst reading out my idea to the class. With the negative body language, the flow of the presentation began to break up which affected the way the business plan was told to the students.

The opportunities are almost endless for the next time I present my idea to the group. This is because I will be able to use a PowerPoint presentation to provide myself and the group with visual aid so they will be able to understand my business plan in more detail and I will be able to have more confidence with heavily prepared information, data and images in order to have a successful presentation. Seeing as I have viewed my presentation from a recording I have been able to take note of all of the mistakes and problems I made so when the next presentation comes to date I will have a prepared presentation and pitch ready to present.

The main threat of this presentation was the time scale. Being given 2 minutes to explain the idea was the problem. Being nervous was a threat to the presentation as a whole also because it prevented me from completing the presentation within the time limit and may have caused some of the students to understand my business idea lesser than expected.

5 Minute Pitch

The strengths of my 5 minute presentation pitch were very well planned out and had an extremely more positive outcome than expected. With visual aid of a PowerPoint, I was able to plan out what needed to be said within the time scale of the presentation. It also assisted what my business plan meant and with simple notes on the presentation slides I was able to refer to anything I may have forgotten to mention during the pitch. With this I had the capability to speak out loud with clarity so everyone could hear and understand me, being able to engage with the audience was key in this presentation and the PowerPoint slides were correctly thought out so the students knew what my business idea was and how it could appeal to them. When engaging with the audience I was able to interact with the slides by pointing at certain areas such as images to show everyone what it was about.

I was able to compose myself whenever I started to feel that I was running out of time and I made sure that I was not speaking to quickly to prevent the stuttering behaviours. Body language was improved greatly by wearing a suit jacket. This made me feel more professional and added extra presentation style as if I was actually trying to ‘sell my idea’ in a kind of Dragon’s Den scene. With this I was able to clarify all of the information that I was giving the audience (students), being able to engage with the audience was used to the best advantage as I was able to involve them in questioning what they would like allowing them to bring me more feedback and improvements when questions were answered. Again when answering questions I was able to quickly pinpoint the answer to what they had in mind just like in the 2 minute presentation. This presentation overall has boosted my confidence towards group speaking in front of the fellow students.

There were not many weaknesses noticed during my 5 minute presentation, mainly because I was able to compose myself and settle the nerves prior to preparing for the presentation. One of the main problems however was the pricing, I accidentally miss calculated the Business prices on the PowerPoint slides so I had to explain that it was incorrect during the presentation. On closer observations of the recording of my presentation, I may have been looking towards the presentation to read one or two notes instead of making eye contact with the audience. There may have been too much text information on the

Opportunities for the next presentation will be to increase the information and improve the styles on the slides, maybe making the text information more bite-sized will allow the audience to read and take in the information easier before the slide is changed to the next. Maybe practising time management for presentations would be an ideal thing to undertake as I will be able to improve the flow of information and hopefully increase eye contact and engagement throughout.

The threats were reduced in this presentation because the time scale was perfect to explain all of the information about my business plan to the audience, however in the next longer presentation I will need to prepare a bigger PowerPoint presentation and a better script in order to keep timing in order.

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