Company Ideas (Including Mood Board), Customer Targets, Logo Design and Distribution

Company Idea

Over the past few weeks my idea for the company has been solidly developed and thought over with research about competition. I have managed to find a small gap in the market where graphics companies don’t tend to sell custom made graphics to customers with video-gaming clans. With this as my main target consumer, I will be able to conduct well within this niche market, which will hopefully lead to success.

So here is my business description:

“To sell custom-made Graphics such as Vectors, Avatars and Logo’s to Business owners, Video Game Clans and Designers.”

Also with this in mind, Users can submit an idea which can be custom made to their needs. So there will be a kind of community base where users can contribute and may possibly earn a commission for their designs.

Company Name

I have been given the task to find a suitable name for my company. The company name will be based on the idea which is to sell Graphics such as Vectors and Avatars to users who use forums and play video games within Clans. This niche market will be ideal seeing as the competition is small for specialising in graphic designs which gamers and forum users require.

Firstly I decided to look into a Thesaurus online to see what words are linked with words such as Graphics, Avatars and Vectors

Examples of Synonyms for Avatar:

  • Apotheosis
  • Archetype
  • Cast
  • Collection
  • Comprehension
  • Conformation
  • Embracement
  • Encompassment
  • Epitome
  • Example
  • Exemplar
  • Exemplification
  • Expression
  • Form
  • Formation
  • Personification
  • Quintessence
  • Structure
  • Symbol
Examples of synonyms for Graphics
  • Artwork
  • Computer Graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Pictures
  • Visuals
Examples of synonyms for Vector(s)
  • Aim
  • Angle
  • Bearing
  • Course
  • Direction
  • Point
  • Route
  • Track
  • Trajectory
  • Way

List of company/brand names:

  • Aspyr Graphics
  • Avatar Buddy
  • Epitome Graphics
  • Epitome Avatars
  • Vector Buddy
Mood Board
Here is the mood board based on some of the ideas I have designed including some of the words which were found from the meanings of Vector Buddy within a Thesaurus. The Mood Board has allowed me to improve my idea of the company and allows interested viewers to understand what the company idea is.

Final choice: Vector Buddy

I have chose Vector Buddy as my company name as it relates to the word Graphics and Designing. The name choice has a friendly approach as the word Buddy is commonly used in the United Kingdom and many English speaking countries.

Define Vector: Is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves and shapes

The definition of Vector makes the name interesting and unique.

Logo Design

The Logo will need to consist of a friendly character which is Vector graphic based. My first design is based on a blimp with a small smiling character inside the ‘basket’ with the name of the company stuck to the side of it.  The design (below) displays a pleasant, friendly look with ambition, but I think the airship may need to be improved and the smiling character may need to be improved in order for it to stand out.

This is the second version of the Logo, it cancels out the airship and focusses primarily as a hanging sign which would be useful for the top of a website. The smiling character remains unchanged but future designs will see improvements. The sign itself has pointed edges to visually describe what a vector looks like. Also the font style is a stylish Lobster open type font, which gives the logo some sophistication.

Recently I have developed the logo some more by focussing more on a vector character as a mascot. A mascot will show off the product a lot more and will also be featured as a selling point as the character can be fully customizable with different features which could potentially be sold to users. The character design below (name Buddy), is made entirely of vectors from Adobe Illustrator. It also has a friendly appearance as an animal similar to a bear.

Customer Targets (to fulfill)


• Company Logo
• Online Advertisement
    II.Website Materials
Video Gamers
 • Clan Logo
 • Clan Tags for each member
 • Accolades
• Vector Graphics
• Logo’s
• Icons
• Textures
With these requirements in mind, I will have to work for these consumer targets by creating these graphic designs in order to sell to them.
– Users can access the product through a website (possibly
– Users purchase the product then a digital download will be available to them.
Costs for Setup within Web Hosting (will be mentioned in resources later)
– Website hosting and Domain needed

Random Example:

Web Space Medium (10 GB) – 12 months = £22.80

Annual domain fee (.com) = £9.00

Discount – Annual domain fee (.com) = -£9.00

Setup fee = £9.00

Total excl. VAT. £31.80

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Three Companies (With similar business plans)

When conducting market research, I need to find out who maybe in direct competition with my initial ideas.

1. MediaLoot Inc.

“MediaLoot is a collection of design resources that help make your apps, themes, and other designs even more awesome in less time. Use our stuff to make your stuff better.”

MediaLoot is a giant data hub of Graphics such as Vectors, Icons, Brushes and Type.
They specialism targets consumers such as Amateur designers and Professionals alike, providing them in a great range of decent (but pricey) designs for their own projects and websites.

Why it’s in direct competition?
Because it’s making profits and taking a fair chunk of the niche market in providing users with Vectors and Icons – a market that is relatively similar to my plan.

2. VectorStock

“We’re the largest royalty-free vector only stock agency in the world. Every week we add thousands of new premium vector graphics
Whether you’re a global ad agency or a freelance graphic designer, we have the vector graphics to make your project come to life.”

Vector Stock is another giant in providing Graphics to designers with all experience levels. They provide royalty free graphics as well as ones for a certain price.

Why it’s in direct competition?
Because it’s another big online business which is taking in profit and works fairly similar to my business plans.

3. Vector Open Stock

“A free stock dedicated to vector graphics. Free vector files are available to browse and download here. Great artists from all over the world have submitted their creations to share, inspire and help you in your way to create better stuff. Enjoy vectors, make good use of them, respect licenses, create good stuff, leave comments, share your creations and world will find a way to reward you.”

Vector Open Stock is almost a free open source website where it’s users can download a various range of graphics, all royalty free. It’s lesser than the two businesses above but provides a fairly large range of graphics making it stand up to the bigger websites.

Why it’s in direct competition?
It’s offering free graphics which may attract more users. Still it offers some pricey graphics and also has a growing community.

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Venture Culture First Presentation with SWOT Analysis

Here is the first presentation recording along with a quick graphic design of my SWOT Analysis based on the presentation.


The recent presentation has been broken down into a SWOT Analysis to pinpoint the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

This helps in planning and preparation for the next presentation.