Knowing the Product – USP

USP: Vector Buddy is the only company to provide high quality custom-made graphic designs along with customizable packages specifically designed for businesses, video gamer’s and freelance designers world-wide.
What product/services are you selling?
Vector Buddy is selling custom-made high quality graphics such as logo’s, illustrations, avatars, vectors and banners.
How is it made/delivered?
The graphic designs are created on design software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The delivery of custom-made graphics are sent privately through email to the customer and the rest of the graphic designs are featured on the website where users can simply purchase and download on-the-fly.
How will it be produced or provided?
When users require an extra service from Vector Buddy, they can simply use the contact form on the website or directly email the company with specifications on how many types of graphics they require.
What does it cost to produce or provide this product/service?
My main customer targets are Business owners, Gaming Clan owners/members and individual designers. Each all require different products and services from Vector Buddy.
For businesses, Vector Buddy has buddy packs which are designed to break down certain features so it makes it easier and more cost effective for the businesses to pay for.
Small Buddy Business – Logo, Vectors, Banners
Medium Buddy Business –
Big Buddy Business –
For gaming clans, Vector Buddy has a similar system using buddy packs which helps customers with a larger choice of graphics to buy from.
Small Buddy Gamer – 1+ Members – Avatars, Logo
Medium Buddy Gamer – 10+ Accolades and the above mentioned
Big Buddy Gamer – 20+
These customers may also customize their packs on what they need.
For our individual customers Vector Buddy will provide graphic packs and even individual graphics so they may easily purchase on-the-fly and download whenever they want.
Textures (Packs of 5 and Individual)
Vectors (Packs of 5 and Individual)
Avatars (Packs of 5 and Individual)
How much will it cost the customer?
Small Buddy Business – Contains logo and banners
Medium Buddy Business – Contains web graphic templates and all of the above
Big Buddy Business – Character mascot mock up models. All of the above
– All customizable, customer can pick and choose what he/she wants
Small Buddy Gamer – 1+ Members =
Medium Buddy Gamer – 10+ Members =
Big Buddy Gamer – 20+ Members =
– All customizable, customer can pick and choose what he/she wants

– Texture Pack =

– Vector Pack =

– Avatar Pack =


Where/how will you sell your product/service?

The products of Vector Buddy are sold online to the customers via a website. This is where users can select what they want and pay then instantly download afterwards. Customers who require custom graphics (business and clan gamers) need to use the order form on the website and then wait for a scheduled amount of time before receiving their product.


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