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Recently I decided to contact the company MediaLoot in order to find an incite into how they work and how they produce and sell graphics to the users.

Here is the interview, it was fairly short but the information has helped me plan the next steps to what I need to conduct. The questions have been shortened greatly because some of the questions I asked were sensitive for them to answer – many companies have trade secrets and MediaLoot has many which they wouldn’t share.

Name: Natalie Hipp

How long has your business been running?

MediaLoot officially opened on March 9, 2010, but it was in the works from December 2009.

What does your business offer to the internet?

MediaLoot offers graphic design resources to graphic designers, web developers, and entrepreneurs. Our products make designing high-quality web and print items easier and at times more sophisticated.

Who is your target demographic (customer type)?

Graphic designers, start-up entrepreneurs, web developers: generally our customers are between the ages of 20 and 35 and are located all over the world.

What are you selling to the customer?

Graphic Design Resources (such as icons, print templates, web templates, PhotoShop brushes, textures, patterns, vectors, etc) provided as a collection of different files.

How do you distribute your product?

Once a product is purchased individually on our site, it is added to the customer’s member area as a purchased download. Alternatively, customers can sign up for a subscription on a monthly or yearly basis and get a certain number of downloads to use per month, at which point they can download items directly from each item’s information page. All downloads are recorded and viewable in the MediaLoot member area.

What is the size of your team (including job roles, hierarchy)?

We have four people who work on MediaLoot on an ongoing basis. Mason and myself (Natalie) own the site. Mason handles most of the PR and promotional parts as well as makes sure everything’s running smoothly. I handle site development and customer support. Tony is our head designer and provides almost all of our design resources. Jenn handles social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We also hire designers and writers on a per-item basis to provide extra design resources and blog posts.


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