Three Companies (With similar business plans)

When conducting market research, I need to find out who maybe in direct competition with my initial ideas.

1. MediaLoot Inc.

“MediaLoot is a collection of design resources that help make your apps, themes, and other designs even more awesome in less time. Use our stuff to make your stuff better.”

MediaLoot is a giant data hub of Graphics such as Vectors, Icons, Brushes and Type.
They specialism targets consumers such as Amateur designers and Professionals alike, providing them in a great range of decent (but pricey) designs for their own projects and websites.

Why it’s in direct competition?
Because it’s making profits and taking a fair chunk of the niche market in providing users with Vectors and Icons – a market that is relatively similar to my plan.

2. VectorStock

“We’re the largest royalty-free vector only stock agency in the world. Every week we add thousands of new premium vector graphics
Whether you’re a global ad agency or a freelance graphic designer, we have the vector graphics to make your project come to life.”

Vector Stock is another giant in providing Graphics to designers with all experience levels. They provide royalty free graphics as well as ones for a certain price.

Why it’s in direct competition?
Because it’s another big online business which is taking in profit and works fairly similar to my business plans.

3. Vector Open Stock

“A free stock dedicated to vector graphics. Free vector files are available to browse and download here. Great artists from all over the world have submitted their creations to share, inspire and help you in your way to create better stuff. Enjoy vectors, make good use of them, respect licenses, create good stuff, leave comments, share your creations and world will find a way to reward you.”

Vector Open Stock is almost a free open source website where it’s users can download a various range of graphics, all royalty free. It’s lesser than the two businesses above but provides a fairly large range of graphics making it stand up to the bigger websites.

Why it’s in direct competition?
It’s offering free graphics which may attract more users. Still it offers some pricey graphics and also has a growing community.

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